Types of advertisers widgets

The article describes the types of advertisers' widgets available within the affiliate network.

On the Programs List page you can select only those advertisers who have the widgets you need.


Search Form

The user enters certain data in the search form, for example, the number of passengers, the date of departure and return, the age of the children. After that he/she starts the search and goes to the advertiser's site.

Information Widget

The Information Widget can contain both general (e.g. a list of cars) and statistical information (e.g. an accommodation price chart). These widgets also include widgets with grouped information from the advertiser's website (e.g. hotel information).

Feedback Widget

The Feedback Widget groups information using API and displays it on the page.

Context Widget

The Context Widget includes information about the advertiser's service (e.g. excursions or tours). When the user is redirected via this widget to the advertiser's site, the detailed information about the service with a purchase option is displayed.

White Label

This widget can be of any type described above. The main feature of the White Label Widget is that it allows you to display the search results on the partner's website (without going to the advertiser's website). 

Depending on the widget properties, the user can pay for the service on the partner's page or go to the advertiser's page to pay for the service.

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