Why you should go global with Myrentacar

Every now and then, we’re asked to recommend offers that convert better than others. At the same time, we’re asked to show the ones that are «personalized» and adjust to the affiliates’ needs.


The Holy Grail has been found: meet Myrentacar — a company that stands out for a few reasons. First, it goes global, but stays sustainable while only partnering with local providers. Second, it maintains its individual approach by letting customers choose the exact service they want.

At the webinar, Sergei Fisenko, Chief Marketing Officer at Myrentacar, told how they quadrupled their revenue, what you should do to earn your first $25, and what you should know about their new website.

The webinar agenda

  • Myrentacar’s offer at Travelpayouts: Benefits, perks and how to become an affiliate
  • Tips on how to earn your first $25 and boost your sales with the traffic you already have
  • Top payouts and how much you can earn
  • Top destinations and statistics
  • Myrentacar’s new global website


  • Sergei Fisenko, CMO, Myrentacar
  • Natalia Pukhova, Partner Relations Manager, Travelpayouts