How to research your competitors, perform a SEO site audit, and conduct SEO on a budget

Tristam Jarman (Co-Founder at Purple Smudge) has 10+ years' experience in digital marketing. He shares tips and tricks for SEO on a budget in this video. You’ll learn how to research competitors, perform a technical SEO site audit, and fill in the gaps in SEO.


  • 00:00 How to research your competitors. Tristam Jarman at the TPAS2020
  • 02:00 Know limits for your business
  • 04:18 Knowledge base
  • 08:47 Identify your strenghts
  • 10:16 How to use pre-existing relationships to your advantage
  • 13:16 How to fill the gaps: Tools
  • 22:20 Learn from competitors
  • 26:50 Fix SEO problems
  • 30:00 SemRush site audit
  • 32:55 Fix problems with Google SearchConsole
  • 34:08 Create a user-friendly website
  • 36:07 HotJar tool
  • 38:05 Mobile-Friendly Test
  • 40:13 Content
  • 43:30 Improve pagespeed with minimal effort
  • 46:42 Keywords. Focus on local SEO

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