Facebook ads tutorial 2020: All about setting up a campaign and targeting an audience

Jason Hunt (Co-founder of Merged.ca) explored the steps for setting up a campaign that requires minimal optimization. From this video, you will learn how to properly set up bids in Facebook auction so you're not overpaying for your customers, create automated rules so you can live your life without having to check in on your Facebook ads, and target an audience on Facebook.


  • 00:00 Facebook ads tutorial. Jason Hunt at the TPAS2020
  • 02:16 Jason Hunt from hip-hopper to digital marketer
  • 03:33 What happened with 2020. What's changed in the Facebook landscape
  • 05:57 Facebook ad boycott
  • 07:11 Traffic changes due to covid-19
  • 08:18 Why Facebook for your brand boost?
  • 11:24 10 steps to launch in a campaign
  • 11:39 Research your avatars
  • 16:55 Building your audiences
  • 19:52 Copy ads that converts
  • 22:52 Creative that converts
  • 25:20 Set your bid cap
  • 26:44 Slowly increase bid
  • 28:43 Keep an eye on impressions
  • 29:07 Set your rules for ad sets
  • 30:34 Run your ads on all placements
  • 31:53 Follow up