How to get traffic to website with minimal budget

Farzad Rashidi (Visme) talked about boosting organic traffic at Visme from 0 to 1.5 million. From this video, you’ll find out why organic traffic is important. Farzad gives a step-by-step guide about getting organic traffic to websites. And also he shares the secrets of monetization and conversion organic visitors.


  • 00:00 Farzad and Visme intro
  • 01:57 What's the point of content if your core target audience isn't finding it?
  • 04:00 Paid ads are getting extremely competitive
  • 05:51 Focusing on inbound traffic
  • 09:28 Inbound isn't limited to SaaS
  • 10:14 Examples of content for inbound traffic
  • 10:44 3 main types for content
  • 17:00 Keyword research
  • 22:32 Content promotion strategy
  • 27:37 You don't need fancy tools to get started
  • 31:55 Pitching
  • 34:29 Always follow up
  • 35:55 Useful tools
  • 36:12 Outreach

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