The 5 secrets to social media success: Content creation hacks

Megan McMullin (MeetEdgar) talked a lot about content creation strategy. She shared time-saving social media content creation tips that make creating content feel a whole lot easier. You should watch this video, if you never want to run out of social media content ideas. You also will receive a guide to evergreen content and understanding why you should use this strategy.


  • 00:00 Social Media Intro
  • 02:18 Secrets of social media success. Systemize your content distribution
  • 04:59 Categories your social media
  • 15:24 Set a batching schedule
  • 17:22 Set a distribution schedule
  • 30:03 Upcycle your content
  • 35:20 Engage with your followers
  • 37:58 All sales starts with trust and conversation with your followers
  • 38:55 What is your social media mindset?