How to start a successful travel blog in 2020: tips for creating epic content

Somto Ugwueze — digital marketer, content strategist, and founder of Founded in 2017, the blog has received nearly 1 million visitors to date. Somto talked about the key components of great content that appeals to travelers and the mistakes that bloggers make. She also shared tools and strategies to research content ideas.


  • 00:00 How to start a successful travel blog in 2020. Somto Ugwueze at the TPAS2020
  • 00:46 Travel blogging landscape in post-covid times
  • 03:45 Things to do before launching your travel blog
  • 04:09 Establish your why
  • 06:27 Choose a niche
  • 10:59 Tools and strategies for niche research
  • 16:12 Pinterest for blogging
  • 19:15 Blog income reports
  • 20:39 Create a blog business plan
  • 22:15 Key components of epic content
  • 28:48 Keyword research tools
  • 34:53 Examples of epic content
  • 43:28 Rookie mistakes to avoid