How to monetize your blog through personal branding

Oneika Raymond is an award-winning travel and lifestyle expert, journalist, and television host She has traveled to over 115 countries over 6 continents. Oneika has worked as a spokesperson and ambassador for global brands such as Hyundai, American Express, Coca-Cola, and Sony. In this video, she answered questions about creating and monetizing your personal brand.


  • 00:00 How to monetize your blog through personal branding with Oneika Raymond
  • 02:12 PR and publicity
  • 04:17 How would you start it now, in 2020?
  • 07:38 Personal brand or company brand
  • 12:16 Flexibility of personal brand
  • 13:52 Ways to build a personal brand
  • 17:00 How do approach brands for collaborations
  • 19:13 How to attract traffic or readers
  • 23:07 How to grow when well-known in the industry

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