Introduction to media buying: from the basics to a profit

Daria Nazarova is a Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience in the tech industry, and is Head of Marketing Communications at Daria explained how affiliate marketing works, and what the specific elements of affiliate marketing are in travel. From this video, you’ll find out if affiliate marketing works for you, and whether you need a blog to run affiliate marketing. Daria also shared 5 quick tips about media buying for beginners.


  • 00:00 Media buying intro. Daria Nazarova at the TPAS2020
  • 00:29 Redtrack introduction
  • 01:43 How an affiliate marketing works?
  • 03:48 Affiliate marketing niches
  • 04:28 How offer monetize?
  • 07:01 How to choose an affiliate network?
  • 09:55 Are all offers equal?
  • 13:10 How to promote offers?
  • 14:00 Types of traffic
  • 18:40 Pay models
  • 24:00 'Money' button in affiliate marketing
  • 24:46 Tips for traffic monetization