Why might a booking be missing from my reports?

What if you've made a booking, but it’s missing in your statistics

Don't worry if your booking doesn't show up in your Travelpayouts account right after it's made. Depending on the program, the statistics may be updated every few hours or, in rare cases, once a day, so we recommend expecting the booking to appear in your statistics within 24 hours of purchase.

If the booking does not appear on your account balance, first check if it is in the Pending status. You can check it out on the Performance tab of the program or in the reports:

Confirmation process rules

Different programs have their own rules regarding the confirmation process. Most hotel agencies pay earnings and update booking status to Confirmed within 2 months after the check-out date (some agencies on Hotellook, including Expedia and Booking.com, send us the information about the earnings 120 days after the check-out). Package tours are usually paid for on the consumed stay, car rentals — after the customer returns the car, etc. The information about the confirmation process is stated in each program’s description, for example:

What to do if there is no booking in the statistics for more than 24 hours

If you cannot find the booking in the reports, and 24 hours since the purchase has passed, please contact us and provide confirmation documents or information that can help us find the booking in our systems:

  • the program you used
  • order number
  • booking date
  • price 
  • additional information on this booking: dates of flights/stay/car rental, etc., route/location, and other useful details.