WayAway schedule widget

The schedule widget displays information about flights for the current week from one city or airport to another on the website page. In this case, the schedule can be formed for one airline or for all airlines operating on the specified route.

Schedule widget settings

To set up the schedule widget and get its code to post it on your website, open the WayAway affiliate program in your affiliate dashboard. Go to Tools -> Widgets in your affiliate dashboard.

A window will open, where the widget’s preview block is located on the right, and its settings are on the left.

WayAway schedule widget

  • Project — Select the Project where the widget will be placed.
  • Your SubID — Your affiliate SubID (additional marker).
  • Language — Widget language. Selecting a language changes the website address (and its language) where the search form opens. You can select White Label in the Host field so that the search form opens in it.
  • Add my referral link — Adds a Powered by Travelpayouts link under the search form. Find more details in the article about our Referral program.
  • Default origin name, Default destination name — A name or a code designating the point of origin or destination.
  • Airline code — IATA airline company code. If no code is specified, all airlines operating flights between the point of departure and destination are displayed. You can get the code here. Optional parameter.
  • Direct flights — Show only non-stop flights in the widget.
  • Appearance:
    • Default rows count — The maximum number of rows that will be displayed in the widget.
    • Border radius — The radius of the rounding frame of the widget.
    • Background color, text color, border color — Customize the colors of the widget in HEX format.

After setting up the widget, copy the embed code and paste it on your website.

Widget demonstration