Aviasales Links

The easiest way to create your Aviasales partner link

You can quickly create a link to any page of the travel brand's website using our extension for Chrome or using the CREATE A LINK menu:


Look at the short video on how to create and use affiliate links:

Affiliate text links to the flight search

To create an affiliate link to the flight search, you need to be registered with Travelpayouts.

On your account page, go to the Links generator section. Here you can both select the type of link you want and configure various options.


Copy any link from the Aviasales website and paste it into The address of the landing page field. If necessary, edit the link text in the appropriate field.

The link is generated automatically.

Copy the link from the Affiliate link field and paste into your website.

Affiliate links to the search results page and the pre-set search form 

The easiest way to send someone a link to the search results for flight tickets with your Travelpayouts partner ID is to copy a short link from the browser's search bar and use the link generator. You need to do this after the search is finished and the list of flight tickets is displayed on the page:


After that, you can send this link by email or share it on social networks. 

You can also create a link for a pre-set search form with your partner ID: 


Depending on the website that the link leads to, the request will differ. You need to add the parameters to the URL, which are described in the table below.

Query URL to the search results page: DomainName/searches/new

Query URL to the pre-set search form: DomainName/flights/

where DomainName is "aviasales.com" for the search results page and "search.aviasales.com" for the search form, except for when a link leads to an affiliate White Label site. For a White Label, use the affiliate subdomain on which the White Label is hosted.

Please note that the first parameter is added to the address using the ? question mark character, and all the others using the & character.

Query parameters/descriptions:



Default value


Departure city. Recommended values: "IATA code for city".



Arrival city. Recommended values: "IATA code for city".



Departure date. Recommended format: "Y-m-d" ("yy-mm-dd" for JQuery).



Return date. Recommended format: "Y-m-d" ("yy-mm-dd" for JQuery).



“One way only” check box, equal to 1 or 0.



Number of adults (over 12 years old)



Number of children (2 to 12 years old)



Number of infants (0 to 2 years old)



Ticket class (Economy: 0, Business: 1)



Currency of search result (RUB, USD, EUR, UAH, CNY, KZT, AZN, BYN, THB, KGS, UZS)



Initiate search automatically (true: the search is loaded, false: the form is filled out but search does not start)



Your partner ID



  • adults/children/infants - number of adults, children, and infants – numbers.
    Up to nine seat-occupying passengers (adults + children) can be added in a single query. Infants travel without their own seat and are carried by the adults. The number of infants cannot exceed the number of adults. If the number of infants is larger than the number of adults, the excess number of infants is counted as children (with their own seats).

Sample search query with search initialization for both types of links:

After you get the link, you should use Link Generator or the "Create a link" widget as described above.

Complex (multi city) route search

Complex or multi city route consists of several segments — the first flight, the second one, and so on. Affiliate links to the search for complex routes are formed the same way. The first segment is denoted segments[0]. This parameter is added before each standard parameter in the link. The second segment is segments[1] and the third segment is segments[2], etc.

The resulting link looks like this:

Please note that the segment number must be specified only at the directions of the flight and dates. The number of passengers and the flight class are set common for the whole set of segments.

  • origin_iata/destination_iata — departure/arrival points — line.
    Recommended values: IATA city code.
  • depart_date/return_date — departure/return dates — line
    Recommended format: Y-m-d (yy-mm-dd — JQuery)
  • adults/children/infants — the number of adults, children and infants — numeric

In total, the request can include a maximum of nine passengers with seats (adults + children). In this case, infants travel without a seat on the laps of adults. The number of infants cannot be bigger than the number of adults. If there are more infants, additional seats are requested as children (with a seat).

  • trip_class — Flight class (Economy — 0, Business — 1, First — 2)
  • with_request — Initiate search automatically (true: the search is loaded, false: the form is filled out but search does not start

After you get a link to the search results page, insert it in the Link Generator.

If you need to share a link to the multi search, then you need to send them to this website: http://www.aviasales.com/#multicity

For this link types you should use Link Generator or the "Create a link" widget too.

Link to a specific flight ticket

You can send a short link to a specific flight ticket with your affiliate ID.

For a flight ticket link to contain your affiliate ID, go to the Aviasales.com website using the link from Link Generator or the "Create a link" widget.

After redirecting to Aviasales.com website via your affiliate link, start a search for the destination or the route you need. To get a link to a specific flight ticket, click on the arrow in the search results.


Select the social network you want to send the link to or click Copy link.


As a result, you will have a short link similar to the following https://avs.io/1Psu1

To check that this link contains your marker, use any short-link expander. For example linkunshorten.com. Paste the short link into the input field and click on Uncover URL. You will see the full link below. Make sure that there is a marker= value that contains your affiliate marker.


Please note! It is not possible to simply add your affiliate ID (marker) to the short link. It is imperative to go first go to the Aviasales website with your affiliate ID and only then copy the link to the flight ticket.