Hotellook affiliate links

The easiest way to create your Hotellook partner link

You can quickly create a link to any page of the travel brand's website using our extension for Chrome or using the Create link menu at the top right corner of your Travelpayouts account:

In the widget, specify your Project, select Hotellook in the "Program" menu, specify the domain, the link to the Hotellook website, and SubID (optionally). After all the details are set, the generated link can be found in the "Link" field.

Look at the short video on how to create and use affiliate links:

Link to the hotel search form

To create a link for hotels searching on your dashboard, use the "Create link" as described above or go to the deep link creation form section. Here you can both select the type of link you want and configure various options.

Link to hotels filled search form

You can create links to the main page of Hotellook with the completed search form. For example,5 

The following parameters can be passed in the link:

  • destination — the destination of the city or hotel
  • checkIn — the check-in date
  • checkOut — the check-out date
  • adults — number of adults
  • children — age of children, separated by commas

After that use the "Create a link widget" or the deep link creation form to create an affiliate link with your ID.

Links to the hotels search results

Travelpayouts affiliates can generate links to the hotels search results page. You will need a link in the following format: 

And paste this link to the deep link creation form or the "Create a link" widget to create an affiliate link with your ID.

In the link you can use different parameters: 

  • adults — Number of adults
  • children[] — Age of each child (can be several). You can also specify as: children=1,2,3, where 1, 2 and 3 — age of children
  • checkIn & checkout — Date of check in/check out in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Instead of an exact date of check in and check out, you can specify the autoDates=1 In this case, the search will be made at the next following dates
  • currency — Currency (tree ISO-code letters), which displays the cost of the room
  • language — Search result language, supported languages: en-us, de-de, es-es, fr-fr, th-th, pl-pl, it-it, ru-ru

The destination is specified by one of the following options:

  • destination=PAR — IATA A/C (only uppercase letters)
  • destination=paris — the city name
  • destination=hotel%20metropole — the hotel name
  • locationId=123 — the city id
  • hotelId=8992 — the hotel id

Links to the search results of hotels can contain filter settings. To select a filter, just apply it to the list of hotels and copy the added parameter from the address bar. To only leave hostels in the search results, for example, add the following parameter to the link #f%5Btypes%5D=7. Eventually, the link will look like: 

Link to a specific hotel

The website contains pages describing the same hotels that are in the database. For example, the link to the webpage of the Four Seasons George V in Paris is as follows:, where the number 467161 is a hotel ID in the database.

To find out the hotel ID find your hotel by searching on the website

After redirecting to the hotel page, the following will be written in the address bar: 

where the hotelId parameter contains the hotel ID, which you need to insert into the link Make sure to use the deep link creation form or the "Create link" widget to convert this link to an affiliate.

If the hotel does not have a separate page with a description, then you can use a link in the format below: