Link to a specific WayAway ticket

To create an affiliate link to a specific flight ticket, you must be registered with Travelpayouts.

You can send a short link to a specific flight ticket with your Partner ID.

For a flight ticket link to contain your partner ID, go to the website using the link from your affiliate dashboard. The link must be in the following form: (instead of YourMarker, there should be your partner ID (marker)).

After going to the website, start a search for the destination or route you need. To get a link to a specific flight ticket, click on the arrow in the search results.


Select the social network you want to send the link to or click Copy link.


As a result, you will have a short link similar to the following one:

To make sure that the short link contains your partner ID, use any short-link expander. For example Paste the short link into the input field and click Uncover URL. You will see the full link below. Make sure that there is a marker= value that contains your partner ID.


Please note! It is not possible to simply add your partner ID to the short link. It is imperative to go to the website with the link containing your partner ID first, and only then copy the link to the flight ticket.