WayAway statistics

To find statistics for WayAway, you should open the program in your Travelpayouts account and go to the Performance tab.

Program Summary

The section contains data for the entire time of connection to the program.

Detailed statistics

The report contains information about all impressions, clicks, searches, purchases, and clients brought in by the partner.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Impressions — the number of impressions of widgets.
  • Clicks — the number of clicks on affiliate tools and links.
  • Visitors — the number of people who have clicked on an affiliate link to WayAway and who have made at least one search.
  • Searches — the number of searches (people who entered a query and clicked "Search").
  • Click-outs — the number of visitors who have clicked a link in the search results.
  • Brand's app installs — the number of users who have installed mobile apps via an affiliate link.
  • Paid clicks — some agencies pay for clicks on the links. Information on revenue calculation isn’t disclosed. If the brand detects attempts to fake clicks, the partner's account may be blocked.
  • Pending — the number of bookings in the pending status.
  • Canceled — the number of bookings that were canceled.
  • Confirmed — the number of completed and paid bookings.
  • Ads earnings — rewards for clicks on advertising media on WayAway.io (the procedure of calculation and the amount of rewards is not disclosed).
  • Earnings — income received by the partner from paid-for bookings.
  • Potential earnings — total income from bookings currently being processed.
  • CTR — click-through rate.
  • STR — sell-through rate (clicks vs. bookings).
  • ECPC — effective cost per click (your income).
  • ECPS — effective cost per search (your income).
  • ECPU — effective cost per user (your income).

Partners should pay close attention to STR and CPU indicators. These values allow for the assessment of the effectiveness of the tools and sources used to attract customers. The higher these numbers, the better the quality of the affiliate’s traffic.

Good-quality traffic is targeted traffic, i.e., visitors who are using search not out of idle curiosity but to find and book tickets to a place of interest. This kind of traffic can be obtained from tourism-related sites and blogs.

Report settings

The block with settings and filters is located above the table.

They allow the partner to select the contents of the first column and filter the contents of the table. The first column can contain the following information:

  • Date range — the period for which the data is displayed.
  • Group by — allows users to select a grouping option:
    • by program
    • by days
    • by month
    • SubID
    • by user country
    • by device type
    • by Project
  • SubID — displays statistics on SubID created by the affiliate.
  • Program — displays statistics for a particular program.
  • Device — allows you to display data only for those actions that were performed by users from certain devices.
  • Customer's country — filters the report by the country in which the user is located.
  • Project — filter by Project that the partner has created in the affiliate dashboard.

Once you have selected the conditions for grouping and filtering the report, click on the Apply button.

You can download the data from the table to a CSV file. To do this, click the Download CSV (arrow) button next to the table settings.


The Bookings tab contains information on all bookings in statistics:

  • receipt of information about the booking;
  • booking confirmation;
  • booking cancellation;
  • change of rates, etc.

The report contains the following information (please note that some of the fields are hidden by default):

  • Date — action date and time.
  • Description — a description of the booking.
  • Booking ID — a unique activity identifier in the Travelpayouts database. Use it when contacting support.
  • SubID — the subID that was added when the tool was copied from the Travelpayouts.
  • Booking type — it can be a booking or a click.
  • Status — the status that was set for the booking by this action.
  • Booking value — the cost of the booking.
  • Earnings— the total remuneration to be received by the partner from the booking.
  • Potential earnings — the total income from bookings currently being processed.

To show or hide columns, click on the settings button above the table:

Click Description (View details) or Activity ID in the table to open the detailed booking information.

WayAway statistics details

A window with detailed information looks as follows: