WayAway Plus Promo Code

How do promo codes work?

We created a great way to promote the WayAway Plus membership plan — promo codes. You earn $10 for each WayAway Plus membership purchased with your promo code. 

These promo codes work across most types of platforms such as blogs, social media, emails, and more. You'll get a reward for each sale made with a promo code, even if your audience bypasses your affiliate link and applies the promo code directly at checkout on WayAway.

How to use promo codes

To use a promo code, you need to follow three easy steps:

1. Open the WayAway affiliate program in your Travelpayouts account. Go to the Tools -> WayAway Plus Promo Code.

2. By default the promo code field will contain your Travelpayouts partner ID. But you can click on the name of the promo code and change it as you wish.

You can use Latin uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and the special symbol "-".

3. After changing the promo code, click Create. Then the link below will be updated and your promo code will be saved in the system.

4. Copy the promo code by clicking the Copy button. Or copy the link with the pre-filled promo code by clicking the Copy button next to it.

5. Share the promo code or the link with your audience and get $10 for each WayAway Plus sale.