WorldNomads Script: Automatic replacement of World Nomad’s affiliate links

By using a script, you can easily replace the existing WorldNomads links on your website with Travelpayouts partner links of the following brands: EKTA, Insubuy, VisitorsCoverage. When users follow these links and make a purchase of travel services (travel insurance), you will earn a reward through the Travelpayouts platform.

The script is only compatible with WorldNomads links, not widgets or banners.


Sign up for the Travelpayouts platform. Connect to the programs in the partner dashboard, whose links you want to replace: EKTA, Insubuy, VisitorsCoverage. Follow the instructions below.

Please note! You’ll need minimal knowledge of HTML or the assistance of a developer.

Script placement

All the work on replacing links is done by a special script:

<script async src=""></script>

Set the following parameters in the script:

  • marker (required) — your affiliate ID.
  • trs (required) — ID of your Project
  • campaign — the brand name whose links you will use.
    • visitors_coverage (by default)
    • insubuy
    • ekta.

Place the script in the website code before the closing </head> tag.

If you use WordPress (or another constructor, where the <head> … </head> section is configured separately from the content), then the script can be placed once in the header.php file.

In all other cases, you can use Google Tag Manager and add a script through it.

Note: if you don't need the script anymore  just delete the code from the head tag.

Functional check

If the script has been correctly implemented, clicking on WorldNomads links will redirect to your Travelpayouts partner links. However, the links within the article itself will remain unchanged.

To see if the script works correctly, follow the links and check the statistics in your dashboard after a few minutes. You should see the values in the table updating with each click.

Please note! If you used a link shortener or other tool to hide links to third-party websites, the script will not be able to process them. The behavior of such links will remain unchanged.