Re-apply to the program after rejection

Some programs in Travelpayouts require the brand’s approval to connect to them. In these cases, the request to connect to them is reviewed from three days to two weeks. During this period the brand checks whether your Project’s content meets the program’s terms and falls under the allowed brand promotion methods and channels.

As a result, you will receive an email with the brand’s decision. If your Project is approved, you can start using the affiliate tools instantly. 

If your request to connect to the program is declined, carefully read the feedback in the email we sent you. To re-apply it is important to fix the issues in the Project, which you initially requested to connect or choose a different Project that fits the program’s terms and conditions. 

In some cases, you can re-apply right away. To do this, go to the program page and click Manage Connections.

In the popup window, click Connect next to the declined Project or any other Project.

In some cases, however, you have to wait seven days to re-apply to the program. This happens when the brand thinks that the reasons why your Project was declined require some time to get fixed. This way the brand ensures that you have enough time to go through your Project and fix it. In such cases, you will see this information when you try to connect: 

Common reasons why a Project can get declined 

  • Not enough travel content.
  • The content is not unique.
  • The Project is not related to travel at all.

We have described the most common reasons for rejection in this article: Why was my request to connect to the program declined?

Read the feedback carefully and make all necessary changes to your Project. After seven days you will be able to re-apply to connect the Project.