About contextual advertising

Contextual advertising systems, including Yandex. Direct, can only be used if:

  • Follow the link leads to your website or landing page, where there is no auto-redirect to any of our domains aviasales/hotellook/jetradar/travelpayouts.
  • There is no mention of our brands aviasales/hotellook/jetradar/travelpayouts in the ad — as well as any of their wordings (see the full list below).
  • Our logos are not used in the ad.
  • Ad is not shown for our brand keywords — aviasales/hotellook/jetradar/travelpayouts and for any of their wordings (see the full list below).

For example, make an ad:

  • «Search for cheap air tickets» with a link to our domain — available.
  • «Search for cheap tickets on jetradar» with a link to our domain — not available.
  • «Search for cheap air tickets» with a link to jetradar.com — not available.

Accounts that violate these rules are blocked without the possibility of receiving the earned money.

Any clickthroughs to our websites (aviasales, hotellook, jetradar) from contextual advertising are not counted in the statistics. The reward for booking after those clickthroughs is not crediting!

The list of negative keywords to use when making contextual ads:

  • aviasales
  • avia sales
  • jetradar
  • jet radar
  • jetrader
  • hotellook
  • hotellok
  • hotelook
  • hotel look

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