How to change your email subscriptions settings

Quick answer: You can change your subscriptions settings by logging in to on a desktop or mobile device browser and going to Profile Settings. Subscription settings are located at the bottom of the list.

We recommend our partners join each subscription, so they don’t miss out. We use emails to keep you informed of important updates and new features, news from affiliate programs, information about payment methods, new articles in the blog, and many more. All our emails contain only useful and important information.

How to change your Travelpayouts subscriptions settings:

  1. Sign in to Travelpayouts in your desktop or mobile device browser;
  2. At the bottom left corner of the page click on the small arrow next to your ID and click on the Profile button:
  3. In the opened window click scroll down till you reach the Settings section:
  4. Click Customize subscriptions.
  5. The Subscriptions settings window will launch where you can choose which emails you want to receive from the following list:
    • Important Notifications — information about adding or disabling payout methods, notifications about problems with the Travelpayouts platform, etc.
    • Partner Programs News — сhanges to the terms of partner programs and problems with partner programs.
    • Monthly News — the most useful and interesting news from the past month in one letter.
    • New Partner Programs — notifications about adding and returning partner programs to the catalog.
    • Stay Tuned with Travelpayouts — advice and articles to help our partners earn more in the travel affiliate niche.
    • Travelpayouts Events — invitations for events held by Travelpayouts: webinars, meetups, etc.
    • Travelpayouts Academy — new courses in Travelpayouts Academy.
    • Travelpayouts’ Surveys and Research — surveys, and research performed by Travelpayouts. Subscribe to express your opinion about our platform.
  6. Select all needed categories and click Save changes.
  7. You’re all set! Now you will only receive emails from the desired categories. You can always return to the subscription settings and change them.