Additional marker (Sub id)

Additional marker (sub id)

An additional marker (sub id) is a parameter that allows for the tracking of sales separately for each traffic source/promo material.

Note! The maximum length of an additional marker - 32 characters.


Say that you are using several different promo materials on different parts of various sites: a search module in the sidebar, links to ticket searches in site articles, a banner in the footer, etc.

To get separate statistics for each promo material, you must use additional markers.

Statistics on additional markers (sub id)

For statistics on additional markers, go to Report -->Sales report. Information can be grouped by markers.

Example: of how to place an additional marker in a link:, where “sidebar” is the additional marker.

In the form builder, the additional marker is set using a special field. You should enter only the marker in the field, without any additional characters. The marker can contain numbers, Latin letters, underscores (_).

Creation of a text link is similar in this regard: an additional marker can be added to a link through the form builder on the affiliate account page.

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