ID and SubID (Affiliate marker and additional marker)


On the Travelpayouts Partnership Platform, we use a special ID number (previously known as an affiliate marker) unique for each partner. ID is used to track clicks, searches, and bookings made via affiliate tools copied from the Travelpayouts platform and placed on your channels.

After the user follows a link, clicks on a widget or a banner, etc, the ID is set into a cookie file on the user’s computer and is stored there for 30 days. Read more about how cookies work and what is a cookie lifetime in the What is Travelpayouts and how it works article.

Your ID can be found in the bottom left corner of your Travelpayouts account:


In addition to the main ID, you can also use a SubID. It is a parameter that allows you to track sales separately for each Project/tool. You can create a SubID by yourself when copying the link or setting up the widget, and then filter using a SubID in the statistics report.

Let’s say you use several different tools in different parts of the website. For example, the search module in the sidebar, links to search for tickets in the articles on the website, a banner in the footer of the website, etc. To get separate statistics for each tool, use the SubID when copying or setting up the tool in your affiliate dashboard.

Note! In the name of the SubID, you can use numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet, and the underscore character "_". The maximum length of a SubID is — 4096 characters.

Adding SubID to Links

When creating a text link, a SubID can be added to the link using the deep link creation form:

You can also add a SubID when copying a ready-made link in the Links section of the Tools tab:

Adding SubID to Widgets

In the widget design tool, a SubID is set using a special field.

Statistics on SubID

Statistics on SubIDs can be viewed in the Summary tab in Reports. You can:

  • Group statistics by SubID
  • Enter specific SubID in the dedicated field 


Service markers

Sometimes reports may contain service markers that are used by our services.

  • cal — This is a SubID indicating that an action (search/click/booking) was made after a click-through from the price chart to Aviasales
  • tpsub — Subscription widget
  • tpcalwt — Low-price calendar widget
  • _tpform — Widget for our campaigns
  • alert — Price alert from the Aviasales website
  • hotelsmap — Hotel map widget
  • map — Flight map