How much do I earn from a flight ticket booked through me?

This post shares an example of how to calculate your earnings when working with travel brands in the “Flights” category at Travelpayouts.         

The amount of revenue rate shared by each travel brand is available in the description of each program in your dashboard. Open the list of programs, check “Flights” checkbox in “Categories” field, and check out the description of the programs in the list. The amounts are specified in “Rate” paragraph:

There are different ways of calculating the earnings for flight bookings — it can be either a share of the total value, a fixed amount, or a fixed percentage. The earnings are always paid for the whole booking, not for each ticket separately.

A fixed amount means that there is always the same amount of earnings per booking, no matter what was the total ticket price. It means our partners receive the same amount of revenue for any flight booking. For example, CheapOair brand shares a fixed amount of $8 for any flight booking. With Expedia UK, you always receive £0.9 for any flight booking.

Fixed percentage means that travel brands always share the same amount of percentage for any flight bookings, without any restrictions. For example, always shares 1% of the booking price with our partners for international flights. (Example: For an international flight booking that costs $500, shares $5 with our partners).

Revenue share is a formula, according to which travel brands share the income received from their vendors (agencies and airlines), with partners. In this case, only one thing remains constant — our partners’ revenue is always calculated solely from the travel brand’s revenue.

For example, WayAway shares with our partners 50% of the revenue that the brand receives from agencies and airlines they are partnered with. The brand’s income depends on the ticket price and the agency the user is buying a ticket from. On average, WayAway receives around 2.2% of the ticket price, of which they share with our partners 50%, which is equivalent to 1.1% of the ticket price. (Example: For a booking that costs $500, brand’s average income is $11, of which our partners receive $5.5).

Metasearch brands’ revenue received from airlines and OTAs can be either a percentage or a fixed amount. There are a few agencies that pay revenue per click by the “Book” button instead of paying per completed bookings. The list of such agencies is not disclosed.