How to determine the user's location by IP address


The API endpoint returns the IATA code, the name of the nearest city to the user and additional information.


Request parameters

  • locale — language in which the name of the city is returned (available in, rue, de, fr, it, pl, th);
  • callback — specifies the name of the function that contains the response to the request (required parameter);
  • ip — IP address of the user (If the address is not transferred, the system determines the IP from the header of the request).

Response example


Response parameters

  • city.iata — the IATA code of the city
  • — the city name where the user is located
  • country.iata — the IATA code of the country
  • — the country name
  • coordinates — airport coordinates
  • currency — the country national currency
  • timezone — the city timezone

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