Why can the amount on an account balance change?

The amount of revenue on your account balance can change for a valid reason. Below, you will find the most common reasons for possible changes in the amounts on your account balance:

  1. All travel brands we are partnered with don’t share revenue for the canceled bookings. In case of a cancellation of a booking by a customer, the revenue for the booking in question is debited from the partner’s account balance. This rule applies even to the bookings made in the previous months.
    Example: A customer booked a flight ticket in January via your affiliate link. We paid the revenue for this booking in February, as provided by the terms of payment. But the client changed their mind and canceled the booking in April. In this case, the previously accrued revenue for this reservation is deducted from the partner's current balance in the month of the cancellation.
  2. If a customer receives a partial refund for a previously purchased booking, the revenue for the booking can decrease, therefore affecting the total amount of revenue on the account balance.
    Example: A booking of two tickets was made on February 15, 2022, therefore bringing our partner a revenue of $10. However, on February 25, 2022, one of the tickets in the booking was refunded. In this case, the revenue for February 25, 2022, will decrease by half.
  3. Crosschecks with agencies may find discrepancies (potentially in our favor or otherwise), and correct bookings’ status or revenue amount can be made as appropriate.

If the total amount on your account balance has changed, make sure to check the? "Balance" tab in  “Finance” section. You may find the cancelled bookings there.

If you cannot detect the reason for the changes to your account balance, feel free to contact us at support@travelpayouts.com