How to translate our tools to your language

Go to

Step 1. Sign Up to Crowdin a platform we use to manage our localization files. 


Step 2. Go back to

Step 3. Choose a language you'd like to translate.


Step 4. Request an access to a language you'd like to help with.


Step 5. Your request will be reviewed shortly. If everything is OK – you'll be granted an access and you can proceed with translation.

Step 6. Choose what you'd like to start with. As you see, our resources are grouped by categories: White Label, Widgets, etc. If you'd like to have you White Label in your language you need to translate all files within "White Label" folder.


Step 7. You'll see a translator interface. On a right, you see strings you need to translate (untranslated strings). Besides a field where you need to put a translation, you'll see a suggestions area, a comment area.


If you have any problems – please leave a comment and mark it as an issue. We'll respond to that shortly. 


Also, take a look on a context area. We'll try to add some tips that could help you with translation.


If you need a new language we don't have in a list – please contact us using this page.

More details about Crowdin interface are available here.