Notification of an invalid affiliate marker (Aviasales program)

What is the most important thing when working with an affiliate program? Not to lose your Travelpayouts ID! All purchases are tracked by the ID. If the ID is missing, there is no information about how or through whom the purchase was made, and therefore, there is no accrual of revenue.

Regular users use Travelpayouts partnership platform to book travel services for themselves and their friends. Staff members of travel agencies select tickets for their customers. In order not to book a ticket accidentally for someone else’s ID, we came up with the best solution of a wrong ID notification.

The notification pop-ups under the following conditions:

1. If you are authorized in the your account on the platform.
2. If the ID on the Aviasales page is different from the ID in your dashboard.

To replace the ID, click Change to your own marker button. If you are sure that the token is correct, just close this notification.