How to confirm the traffic source

After you've placed affiliate tools and started receiving rewards, the support team may contact you and ask for information about your traffic sources. 

Why this might happen?

We noticed an unusual level of activity in the tools associated with your partner ID. Therefore, we want to check how you're promoting the tools and make sure you're not violating the rules of the platform.

Don’t worry, this is a standard procedure. Your payments may be blocked for the duration of the check, but this will not affect the tools — all actions and bookings will still be included in your stats.

Once we have received all the necessary information from you and resolved the matter, the payments will be unblocked and you can continue to work as usual.

What information do I need to provide?

1. Tell us where you place the tools, for example:

  • On which sites
  • In which groups in social networks
  • On what channels
  • In personal correspondence
  • You make reservations for personal purposes

2. Describe in detail how you drive traffic to your resources, for example:

  • By using SEO.
  • By placing paid search ads.
  • You’ve involved an advertising and promotion specialist.
  • You bought traffic on third-party resources (for example, Fiverr).
  • Your traffic is organic.

3. If you are using paid search ads, please attach screenshots of your Google Ads dashboard

Examples of answers:

I place tools on The traffic comes mostly from paid search advertisements. You can find screenshots of my personal account in Google Ads in the attachments.

I make bookings myself for my clients. Attached to the letter I have confirmation of some of the bookings made this month.

I place tools in my Facebook group, here is a link to the post with affiliate tools.

How long does it take to check the information?

If you have provided all the needed information with details, it shouldn't take more than a week for us to check everything. In any case, the support team will stay in touch with you and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.