How to confirm the traffic source

The Travelpayouts affiliate network includes dozens of affiliate programs from different advertisers.

Some of them are available immediately after registration with Travelpayouts (for example Aviasales, Hotellook, and Discover Cars). To start working with other programs, you are required to apply for a connection and specify detailed information about your project and traffic sources.


Content projects and blogs

If you are the owner of a content project/blog, use one of the following options to confirm it:

  • Create a page on which it is necessary to place the following text: «tp-affiliate-id=XXXXX» (replace XXXXX with your affiliate id)
  • Add the following tag: <meta name=«tp-affiliate-id» content=«XXXXX»> between the <head> and </head> tags on the main page of your website. Instead of XXXXX, insert your affiliate marker

Attach the page/website link to the connection request.

Groups and pages in social networks, messengers

Add the following text to the group description: «tp-affiliate-id=XXXXX» insert your affiliate marker instead of XXXXX. Add a link to the group in the request.

Youtube traffic

Add the following text to the description of any video uploaded to your channel: «tp-affiliate-id=XXXXX» insert your affiliate marker instead of XXXXX. Add a link to the video in the request.

Other traffic sources

For other sources, write in detail how you will attract traffic. Please review the advertiser’s policy carefully to ensure that your type of traffic is allowed.

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