How to confirm the traffic source

The Travelpayouts Partnership Platform includes dozens of affiliate programs from different travel brands.

Some of them are available immediately after registration with Travelpayouts (Aviasales, Hotellook). To start working with others, you need to apply for a join. To facilitate the application process, we've added the project tool.

Once you fill out the information about your project, you can quickly apply to join any program.

Please note that some programs are joined immediately after you send a request, while access to others is provided only after the request is reviewed by the travel brand. At the same time, a number of brands ask you to confirm that the traffic source actually belongs to you. Below you can find the options on how to do this.

Content projects and blogs

If you're the owner of a content project/blog, use one of the following options to confirm this:

  • Create a page and place the following text on it: tp-affiliate-id=XXXXX. Replace XXXXX with your partner ID (marker).
  • Add the following tag:
    <meta name="tp-affiliate-id" content="XXXXX">
    between the <head> and </head> tags on the main page of your website. Insert your affiliate marker in the place of XXXXX.

Groups and pages in social networks, messengers

Add the following text to the group description: tp-affiliate-id=XXXXX. Insert your partner ID in the place of XXXXX.

YouTube traffic

Add the following text to the description of any video uploaded to your channel: tp-affiliate-id=XXXXX. Insert your partner ID in the place of XXXXX.

Other traffic sources

If the affiliate program representatives want to receive confirmation for other traffic sources, our support staff will contact you with detailed instructions.