Data from Tiqets

The Tiqets product and venue IDs.xlsx file contains a list of cities (cities sheet) and offers (products sheet), which you can use when customizing Tiqets widgets in your Travelpayouts account.

The file contains two sheets:

  • Products — information about the Top 50 products on the Tiqets platform with two columns:
    • The name of the attraction
    • ID — Product ID
  • Cities — the list of available cities with:
    • The name of the city
    • ID — City id. 

If you are working with the City's top products widget, copy the ID of the needed city and insert it in the CITY ID field:

If you are working with the Product widget or Availability widget, copy the ID of the needed  product and insert it in the PRODUCT ID field:

Note! You can insert multiple Product IDs in the Product widget.

Other way to get Product ID

You can also find the Product ID in the link to the page with the product. For example, in the link — the numbers after p (974789) are the product ID.

Note: In Tiqets hierarchy, a venue contains one or more products. To get to a product page from a venue page, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to a venue page, for example, Colosseum in Rome.
  2. Click on the desired product from the list.
  3. You will be taken to the product page where you can copy the Product ID: