How to make sure the affiliate tools are working properly

You can easily and simply check the operation of any affiliate tools provided in your Travelpayouts  affiliate dashboard.

In this article, we will look at how to check the availability of your affiliate marker in the codes of affiliate tools, and how to make sure the data flows in your statistics accurately when interacting with these tools.

How to check the affiliate marker in the tool code

The code of any affiliate tool available in the Travelpayouts dashboard always contains an affiliate marker. With its help, our system tracks and remembers which partner attracted a user and to whom Travelpayouts shall attribute the payment, in case the user purchases a travel service.

At the same time, there are situations when you need to make sure that the tool code contains the correct affiliate marker (for example, if you bought someone else's site or contacted a freelancer to place affiliate tools on your website).

To check the affiliate marker, open the webpage where affiliate tools are placed. Right-click on the affiliate tool and select Inspect in the drop-down menu (the name may be different in different browsers).


A window with the code will open at the bottom of the page.

There, find the script code that starts with <script src= " / / tp. media/ , it should be just below the block with the code of the tool that you clicked on.


Find the shmarker parameter in it.


If this parameter contains your marker, then everything is fine. If it contains someone else's marker, you need to copy the tool code from your dashboard again and paste it on the webpage using the editor you use to manage the site.

Now you can proceed to checking the input of data in statistics.

Checking the flow of data into statistics

We do not prohibit you from clicking on your own links and making purchases through them. Therefore, to check the operation of links and widgets, you should follow a few steps.

  • Place an affiliate link on your website, in a social network post or in the forum signature.
  • Open this affiliate program statistics (from the link you posted) in your affiliate dashboard. Remember the values in the table.


  • Click on the link. You should have the travel brand's website open, and there should be no error messages.
  • Refresh the statistics page in your affiliate dashboard (information about the click will appear in the report in less than a minute). In the Click column, the numerical value will increase.


By performing the above steps, you can check the operability of any tool.

If the values in the statistics do not change, carefully check the placement of the tool.

The support team can also help you solve this problem. Just send an affiliate marker (a link to a page with a dysfunctional tool) and describe the issue in detail to our technical support specialists.