Aviasales Policy on Intellectual Property and Personal Data in Conducting Events

The current version is available as of May 1, 2020.

This Content policy defines the Aviasales' basic principles and rules for working with media Content created during conferences, seminars, webinars, interviews, and any other online/offline Events (hereinafter - "Event").

This policy applies before, during, and after the Event. 

This policy applies to all Aviasales Events and becomes mandatory for Participants from the moment of its acceptance.

Key Concepts and Terms

Author is an individual (citizen), whose creative activity has resulted in the creation of an artistic or scientific Work (article 1228 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). For example, Authors are speakers if they have prepared their own presentations. This also applies to the co-authors who helped. The title “Author” does not include technical co-executors, that is, those who have provided technical support, namely: editors, sound engineers, assistants, and other service personnel.

Participant is an individual (citizen) present at the Event. All Participants have equal status, regardless of whether they have paid for the ticket themselves or arrived at the Event as employees of an organization.

Content is any part of the Event presented in the form of a Speech, report, comment, question, reference, or piece of advertising material, as well as in electronic form, as a presentation, audio-video recording, etc.

Event is a professional gathering aimed at the exchange of knowledge and expertise, arranged by the Organizer in accordance with certain rules.

Personal Data is any personal information that Participants and/or Authors voluntarily provide to the Organizer when registering or preparing for the Event. 

Work/Creation is a result of intellectual activity that is protected in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation as literary, scientific, or artistic Work. For example, Work refers to the report that an Author sends to the Organizer to participate in the Conference, as well as all related materials in electronic (or any other) form.

Speech is an object of associated rights protected in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation as a performance and/or phonogram. For example, a Speech is a speaker’s performance on stage (recorded by cameras and tape recorders), a webinar, or an audio recording of an Event. Participants of our Events are always intellectually prepared, so their questions and comments are also treated as Speeches.

Content Sources

  1. The Event Content is created by:
    - The Organizer and other persons at the request of the Organizer
    - Authors
    - Participants
    - Partners of the Organizer
  2. The Content creation terms and Content copyright are defined by this Policy. Each of the above-mentioned persons agrees to the Policy by entering into a relationship with the Organizer, respectively, by submitting an application for making a report or accepting the Organizer's offer to participate in the Event, purchasing a ticket, registering for the Event, or entering into a partnership agreement.
  3. In addition to this Policy, the Organizer's relationship with the Authors may be governed by licensing or mixed agreements that are concluded separately and are of a special nature in relation to the Policy.

Content Composition

  1. Any information content related to the Event, including all reports, recordings of Speeches and interviews with Participants and guests, photo and video materials from conferences, texts of abstracts and reports, presentations, official websites and pages on the Internet, created during the preparation for the Event, its conduct, after the Event, and related to it, are considered to be part of the Content, the legal treatment of which is established by this Policy.
  2. The Content also includes audio and video recordings of the Event, including reports and Speeches, master classes, seminars, webinars, and other aspects of the Event. This part of the Content is created by order of the Organizer or contractors.
  3. The Content is protected by copyright, particularly Content that includes the results of intellectual activity, such as literary, scientific, and artistic Works, performances, phonograms, as well as complex and composite objects (multimedia products and Internet sites).

Rights of the Organizer

  1. Each Author and other Content creator, by agreeing to this Policy, grants the Organizer a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the results of the intellectual activity related to the Content anywhere in the world (hereinafter - "License").
  2. The moment the License is granted by the Author is the moment when the corresponding results are made available to the Organizer: sending abstracts of a report, files with texts and presentations, and registering or giving a Speech at the Event.
  3. The Organizer has the right to use the results of intellectual activity related to the Content, in whole or in part, for profit and non-commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, the following methods in accordance with section 2 of article 1270 and section 2 of article 1317 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation:
    - reproduce, copy, and replicate;
    - create derivative results/Works (including translation into foreign languages) or use them to create complex and composite results, collections, and anthologies;
    - distribute by selling or otherwise alienating an original and/or copies;
    - publicly display or provide download links;
    - publicly perform;
    - report, on air, that is, to announce to the public via radio or television, with the exception of cable communications;
    - report by cable communications, that is, to announce to the public via radio or television using cable, wire, optical fiber, or similar means;
    - make available to the public in such a way that any person can access the Works completely or in part from any place and at any time by their own choice (reporting to the public).
    As well as use any other legal means to achieve legitimate goals, with regard to technological development and possible application of the Content and the results of the intellectual activity associated with it.
  4. The License granted to the Organizer is valid until the expiration of the exclusive rights to the Works of the Author or another copyright holder.
  5. The Organizer does not guarantee the publication of the Content or its placement on the Internet for any period of time, nor can it guarantee the publication of the Content at all.
  6. To avoid any doubt, the Organizer is entitled to use the Content for promotional purposes.

Remuneration and Use of Imagery

  1. The creation and publication of Content is not remunerated.
  2. Each Author and Participant of the Event agrees that their names, surnames, and non-confidential personal information, as well as photos and video materials in which they appear, can be published and freely used by the Organizer, as long as this does not infringe on their honor and dignity, does not harm their business reputation, and does not violate the privacy and other secrets protected by law.
  3. At the request of the Author or Participant, the Organizer can stop using, showing, or mentioning these images in the informational materials for the Event.

Use of Brands

  1. If reports, advertising, and other materials for the Event provided by the Authors and Partners use trademarks (service marks) or other means of individualization, the Organizer reserves the right to save images of such means of individualization in the places and in the form in which they were present at the Event when working with the Content and its publications.
  2. The Organizer allows for the use of their own trademarks (service marks), used in the attribution of a particular Event to mention Authors and Participants in messages, but prohibits the use of these brands to distribute information about similar Events organized by third parties.

Content Purity

  1. The Organizer places the requirement on the Authors to submit only original materials that have not published before.
  2. All photo and video materials used by the Authors and Participants must have a legal origin: obtained from corresponding paid databases, obtained under open licenses, or their free use is allowed by law (fair use).
  3. Authors and Participants must undertake the necessary steps to avoid plagiarism and illegal borrowing of other people's Works and other copyrighted Content.
  4. All persons present at the Event are obliged to refrain from using improper words and expressions, gestures, disrespectful behavior towards each other, and the use of profanity. They must also prevent the distribution of information and materials prohibited by law.
  5. The distribution of extremist materials is prohibited, including information about drugs and the methods of their manufacture, pornographic materials, any information aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to copyrighted Content (including links, directories, torrent services, etc.), as well as other information prohibited by current legislation.
  6. Informational materials related to the Event should not contain age-restricted materials and should be accessible to children.

Personal Data

  1. During the preparation and conduct of the Event, as well as in the future, the Organizer processes the Personal Data of the Participants and/or Authors (hereinafter - "Data Subjects") based on their consent and in accordance with the Federal law of the Russian Federation of 27.07.2006 (No. 152 – FL "On Personal Data"). The terms and conditions for processing Personal Data are contained in this section of the policy.
  2. Each Data Subject who has provided the Organizer with their Personal Data in preparation for the Event, or when registering for participation in the Event in one of the possible ways, is informed about the terms and conditions for processing their Personal Data and agrees to these terms. Consent is given for an indefinite period, namely until the processing is successfully completed or until the Data Subject withdraws Consent.
  3. Personal Data procession is carried out by the Organizer in conjunction with Aviasales Media LLC (OGRN 1187746844768) located at legal address: 125196, Moscow, ul. Lesnaya, 7, Floor 11, Room 63 (hereinafter - "Operator").
  4. The purpose of the processing:
    - Ensure the participation of Data Subjects in the Event
    - Bring the information about the Event and its Participants to the attention of third parties, including publication on the Internet
    - Monitor compliance with this Policy, the rights and legitimate interests of Data Subjects in relation to Events
    - Conduct analytical and marketing research/Events by the Organizer or their partners
    - Provide advertising/informational messages and/or advertising/marketing information about the products of the Organizer and their partners via telecommunication networks (including mobile communication and e-mail)
    In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, the Data Subject consents to the transfer of their Personal Data to third parties and their cross-border transfer, provided such transfer does not require the written consent of the Data Subject.
  5. The structure of Personal Data transferred for processing is determined by the Organizer separately for each Event and is brought to the attention of the Data Subject when registering for the Event in one of the possible ways.
  6. Direct processing of Personal Data is carried out by performing, inter alia, the following actions: processing (including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction of Personal Data), using automated systems and without them.
  7. The Organizer and Operator undertake all necessary measures to protect the Personal Data received from unauthorized access by third parties, leaks, illegal actions, and any other actions with Personal Data that can cause direct damage to the Data Subject.
  8. The Data Subject has the right to send an email, at any time, to legal@travelpayouts.com in order to clarify how the processing is carried out and withdraw consent to the storage and processing of their Personal Data. Revocation of consent must be explicitly indicated in the text or subject of the email. Revocation of consent can also be transmitted to the Operator's legal address in a way that is convenient to the Data Subject.

Violation of Rights

  1. In the Event of any violation of intellectual property rights or other illegal actions in the course of the Event, any interested person must inform the Organizer of such violations by sending an electronic message to legal@travelpayouts.com.
  2. This Policy establishes a mandatory pre-trial procedure for any claims and disputes related to the use of intellectual property.
  3. The Organizer must consider, in good faith, all complaints about violations of rights and take measures for pre-trial settlement of possible disputes.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any part of the Content and revoke its publication as well as terminate or restrict access to the Content in any available way.

Agreement to the Policy

  1. Agreement to the terms of this Policy is carried out by expressing consent to all its terms without exception. After agreement, this Policy takes effect as a license contract between the Organizer and the affiliate.
  2. The Authors agree to the Policy and express their consent to its terms by taking actions to submit applications for a report, accepting the Organizer's offer to participate in the Event or participate in another form, using the corresponding forms on the Internet sites of the Event.
  3. Abstracts and other materials related to the application are included in the Content, even if the Organizer does not accept them for presentation.
  4. Participants agree to the Policy and express their agreement to its terms by arriving at and participating in the Event. Participants who do not agree to the terms of the Policy cannot attend the Event.
  5. Partners express their consent and join the Policy by entering into a corresponding agreement.
  6. The Policy is governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Policy Publication

This Policy is an open and publicly available document that can be c unilaterally hanged by the Organizer without notifying the Authors and Participants. The current version of the Policy is published on the Internet on https://support.travelpayouts.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013757240 and becomes mandatory for all persons from the moment of publication.


The Organizer is Go Travel Un Limited, a Hong Kong corporation with registration number 1658681, located at Suite 1504, 15/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Rd Central, Hong Kong, which is the registered owner of the trademarks for Aviasales, Travelpayouts, Jetradar, and Hotellook.

Another legal entity can also act as the Organizer if authorized by Go Travel Un Limited.

Correspondence Address: 125196, Moscow, Streat Lesnaya, 7, Entrance A, Floor 11, Office 63, marked "For lawyers of Aviasales Media LLC".

Contact email for Content Policy issues: legal@travelpayouts.com