How to create perfect content

Whether you’re a content creator or a blog editor, you need to understand how to gain
organic traffic and attract new customers.


Why download it?

SEO is all about words, and words are... your website’s content!

That makes content a powerful marketing and income tool to attract, engage and convert users into customers. In this FREE guide, Travelpayouts experts describe how to set up the process of quality and SEO-friendly content creation based on their own experience! As a result, you’ll be able to plan, create and monetize content and get the full toolbox for your job automation.

What’s inside:

  • How to create insightful buyer personas
  • The best sources for content ideas
  • Tips for proper competitor research
  • Your content toolbox
  • Keyword research essentials
  • Ways to set up an editorial calendar
  • Topic cluster model
  • Content structure and formatting checklist
  • Content monetization

To download the guide, follow the link, enter your email address in the corresponding field and click Download PDF.