All about Travelpayouts

What is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is an online technology platform that helps travel companies attract customers without additional advertising costs. We cover the entire range of travel services: flights, hotels, car rentals, insurance and much more.

Travelpayouts unites travel brands and more than 300,000 partners signed up for our platform. To attract customers, partners use various platforms, including:

  • partners' own websites;
  • social media pages or YouTube channels;
  • email newsletters;
  • paid search advertising and media buying;
  • online and offline travel agencies and much more.

How does the Travelpayouts platform work?

  1. You sign up for our platform and automatically get access to your account.
  2. Go through the integration process. You can find information on integration in the following article: Brands' Technical Integration with Travelpayouts.
  3. Create partner tools in your dashboard (for example, a search form).
  4. Users of partner Projects use partner tools to search for travel services and go to your website if they are interested in the offer. We remember the user and the partner who brought them in.
  5. After going to your website, the user makes a reservation.
  6. You pay Travelpayouts a part of the received income, and we, in turn, transfer a percentage of this amount to the partner who attracted the user.

Why Travelpayouts?

  • Travelpayouts is the only platform that is aimed solely at the tourism sector. We have plenty of experience and expertise in this area.
  • We are developing a widget builder which allows you to quickly create a search form or an updated list of your services. As our statistics show, widgets bring in the most customers out of all our tools.
  • Working with us is very profitable since you pay only a small commission for sales and nothing more. We are interested in making both you and your partners earn as much as possible, and we're here to help you do just that.
  • We deal with the distribution of partners' remuneration independently. Instead of sending each partner their rewards, you send us the amount for all partners at once, and we distribute it among the partners.
  • We can provide promotional marketing (discussed with representatives of each brand individually), including:
    • social media posts;
    • mailing lists;
    • blog posts;
    • banners for your affiliate dashboard;
    • participation in webinars.

Who can become a brand on the Travelpayouts platform?

You can start using the Travelpayouts platform if you have:

  • A working website where one can purchase a travel service online. Users will go to your website using partner tools located on partner websites, and make reservations.
  • Online customer support. Nowadays, having a support team is extremely important, as it helps solve customer issues and increases overall brand credibility.
  • Multiple available payment methods. It is essential that customers can pay for your services online.

It will be an advantage if:

  • Several tourist services are provided. The more services you provide, the more likely users will make a reservation with you.
  • There is a wide geographical coverage. Your product can only cover one country or city. However, the more cities or countries you cover, the more opportunities open up for you, your partners and customers.
  • Multiple languages are supported. Having your website available in different languages allows customers to book services in their native language. This helps to popularize your site, as well as increase profits.
  • Ready-made tools can be provided to partners. If you already have ready-made tools such as widgets, banners, etc., we can integrate them into our system. In addition, we can develop a widget for you ourselves.

Create your own brand in Travelpayouts.