Terms of the Travelpayouts referral program

Commencement Date: June 10, 2022

The Travelpayouts Referral Program has been established for the purpose of engagement of current Partners to attract new ones (Refferals) in exchange for payment in order to extend the total number of Travelpayouts Affiliate Network Partners. This Referral Program is considered to be an Affiliate Program (as it is defined by the Terms of the Travelpayouts Travel Affiliate Network). Therefore, for the purposes of this Referral Program, Travelpayouts is acting as an Advertiser.

By joining the Referral Program, you agree to comply with the terms specified below and any other rules for Referrals Attraction that are published on the Referral Program page. Please note that failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in the termination of your participation in the Referral Program without receiving Referral Fee.


Referral – A registered participant of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network, who is attracted by a current Partner as a result of Referrals Attraction Services and who meets the requirements established by this Referral Program.

Referrals Attraction Services – Services to attract for the participation in the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network provided by you in accordance with these Terms and aimed to further registration of attracted persons as Partners.

Referral Base – The amount of a Partner’s fee earned by a Referral as a result of their Traffic Acquisition activity within certain Affiliate Programs included into the Referral Program, which serves as a basis Referral Fee calculation. The exact rules of Referral Fee calculation are set below. 

Referral Fee – A payment for the Referral Attraction Services you provide.

Referral Percentage Rate – A 7% (seven percent) part of the Referral Base that is used to calculate your Referral Fee.

Referral Base Accounting Period – A period within which a Partner’s fee earned by a Referral attracted by you is accounted as a Referral Base. The Referral Base Accounting Period starts from the date of registration of a Referral and lasts for 730 (seven hundred and thirty) calendar days from the registration date.

Other terms not defined above should be interpreted in accordance with the Terms of the Travelpayouts Travel Affiliate Network as well as with the Travelpayouts Public-Offer Agreement that is applicable to you.

Rules for Your Referral Attraction Activities

1.1. While engaging in Referrals Attraction Services or Traffic Acquisition, you are not allowed to engage (willingly or accidentally) in Prohibited Activities (“forbidden traffic types”) including, but not limited to, those mentioned on the description page of the relevant Affiliate Program. You are only allowed to gain web-traffic from ad networks only while providing Referrals Attraction Services. Please note that among others it is strictly prohibited to use the following methods of traffic acquisition to attract Referrals: search advertising, pop-ups, click-unders, teaser advertising, toolbars, iFrames, squatting, mistyping, adult content, doorways, push-notifications and other forbidden methods until they are directly permitted by Travelpayouts.

1.2. The usage of Travelpayouts’ trademark and/or its brand image is strictly prohibited unless directly agreed upon between you and Travelpayouts. You will be immediately blacklisted for this Referral Program, and all of your fees for Referrals Attraction Services will be reversed for failure to comply with the specified condition. You must provide content that is of value and beneficial to the end-user and should not use PPC as a redirect. You should refrain from creating PPC ads that either contain the Travelpayouts’ URL or contain Travelpayouts’ trademark or any other brands and intellectual property of Go Travel Un Limited.

1.3. You are only allowed to add your referral links and post other promo materials on your own web-platforms as follows: on websites, in social-network accounts/groups/chats/public pages or via mailing to your subscribers.

1.4. You are not allowed to use any other advertising materials other than those that are presented on the Affiliate Network website. The only allowed promotional tool to attract Referrals to the Commencement Date of these Terms is your personal referral link.

1.5. Registration of you as a Referral attracted by your own referral link by means of your extra communication details (e-mails, telephone numbers, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

Referral Fee

2.1. Your Referral Fee for Referrals Attraction Services is calculated as a percentage of the Referral Base (using the Referral Percentage Rate) given that the Desired Actions of end-users are done as result of Traffic Acquisition Services delivered in accordance with the relevant Affiliate Program by the Referral you have attracted.

Example of Referral Fee calculation: Referral Base = 1000, Referral Percentage Rate = 7%, Referral Fee = (1000/100)*7 = 70.

Your Referral Fee shall be paid in the same order as set for the Partner’s fee payment according to the Travelpayouts Public-Offer Agreement that is applicable to you.

2.2. For the purposes of Referral Base calculation, all the persons who have registered as Partners after redirection via a referral link generated by you (please, click here to get more information) are considered as Referrals provided that they meet all of the following requirements:

a) The registration should be completed directly on the page, to which the person is immediately redirected via your referral link and within the period of 30 (thirty) days after said redirection;

b) The registration has been completed in full accordance with the Terms of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network;

c) The Referral Base Accounting Period in relation to the attracted person has not been expired.

The person who is attracted by you and registered as a Partner within Travelpayouts Affiliate Network shall not be considered as your Referral until all of the abovementioned requirements are met.

2.3. Referral Base calculation is based on all Desired Actions of end-users, who used the URLs that contain the affiliate ID of your Referral, provided that all the transactions made by an end-user occur within the cookie lifetime period starting from their first visit but in any case within the Referral Base Accounting Period.

*The part of the Partner’s Fee amount, that may be earned by your Referral within “WayAway Plus” Affiliate Program, if this part is related to such Desired Actions as bookings made by “WayAway Plus” subscribers in relation to services/products offered exclusively within the subscription, shall not be considered for Referral Base calculation purposes and shall not be subject to Referral Fee payments. The rest part of the Partner’s Fee amount, that may be earned by your Referral within “WayAway Plus” Affiliate Program, shall be considered for Referral Base calculation purposes.

2.4. All persons that were attracted for registration within Travelpayouts before the April 1, 2022 are NOT considered to be Referrals even if they meet the requirements stated in p.2.2. of these Terms. These Terms do not apply to the Partners, who attracted new participants of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network before April 1, 2022. Such Partners shall not be paid for the attraction of new participants, which took place before April 1, 2022, after the said date.

This clause shall be applicable unless the other conditions on the matter are agreed separately between the Advertiser and certain Partner.

2.5. You will be provided with information about statistics on completed Desired Actions and the income of your Referrals (Referral Base) on the dashboard at Travelpayouts.com. The Referral Fee calculated for the previous month is paid as it’s described on Travelpayouts.com by transferring funds to your account according to the payment details specified in your Personal Dashboard.

2.6. The list of Affiliate Programs that are included in this Referral Program: all the Affiliate Programs available for promotion within the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network on a given date.