How to analyze your performance and conversions

After connecting to partner programs and placing tools on your resources, it's important to learn how to analyze statistics and results. This will help you identify weaknesses, figure out the reasons for low results, and understand which programs and tools yield the highest rewards.

Remember that just placing a bunch of links, widgets, and other tools on your resource is not enough; you need to arrange them in a way that facilitates a high conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the ratio of unique visitors to targeted actions. In layman's terms, it's the percentage of users who made a purchase using your affiliate tools. That means the higher your conversions, the more rewards you receive.

Where to check statistics

In your Travelpayouts account you'll find a Reports section that contains information about your results: how many times your tools were viewed and clicked on, and how many purchases were made. 

You can customize the report and change the grouping. For example, you can see the statistics:

  • By program (statistics for each program you've connected to)
  • By Project (statistics for each of your Projects)
  • By device type (find out which devices generate the most traffic and conversions)
  • By user country (to evaluate geographical positioning and content language)
  • By SubID (statistics for each specific tool)
  • By month
  • By day

Check out our Travelpayouts reports overview article to learn more about the Reports section.

You can also view detailed statistics for an individual Travelpayouts program. To do so, just open the page of the program you're interested in and go to the Performance tab. There you'll find information for that specific program. You can read more in the Affiliate program summary article.

If you have placed affiliate tools on your channels, but see low numbers in the statistics, we recommend you to check out our tips in the article How can I increase my conversion rate?

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