Create a White Label in the affiliate dashboard

After you set up White Label on your hosting website, you should create them in the Travelpayouts affiliate network.

On your dashboard in the White Labels section, click the Create a new White Label and fill in the configuration fields.



The Main section contains the White Label’s basic settings.


  • White Label domain — enter the URL for your site without http:
    • For a subdomain White Label you should use a name like:
    • For a primary domain you should use a name like:
  • Type — plane tickets, hotels or both
  • The main language and localizations — select languages for White Label. You can create the front page, footer and header for each selected language. Note: All languages (selected and unselected) will be available to switch to on the White Label page2017-10-09_13-40-26.png
  • Currency — select the currency to display in the search results and on the hot prices map
  • Flights. Default origin city/Flights. Default destination city — if necessary, set the default arrival/departure cities for the search form. If not specified the search form will automatically detect the user’s origin city by IP 
  • Hotels. Default city or hotel — enter a city or hotel, that would be placed by default in the search of the hotel. If you choose to browse only tickets, the field is absent
  • Form active tab — you can select a default search form that will show up on the White Label main page
  • Compare hotels — hide or show the check box Show hotels. (If enabled, the check box is displayed on the search form. When the check box is select, the search result opens in a new window, and the initial page opens the site. According to our research, this significantly increases the additional revenue for affiliates)
  • Default market — the country for which the White Label was created. Depending on the country, the list of agencies and airlines that will be displayed in the search results may change (since some local agencies operate only in specific countries)
  • Add my referral link — this adds a link Powered by Travelpayouts under the search form. More details in the article Referral program
  • Enable automatic HTTPS redirect — we automatically install an SSL certificate for all White Labels. With this setting, you can activate the redirection from the http address to https. However, first make sure that you don’t have http links in your White Label code (for example, links to images or other sections of the site), otherwise browsers will report an unprotected connection. Note that the setting does not appear immediately after the creation of the White Label, it will happen after a few hours after the configuration on the hosting
  • Embed iframe — if selected, White Label can be placed on any page of the site. Select the check box and place the code on your page. This White Label must be set on the domain of the third level
  • Save — to save a White Label form
  • Preview — to preview a White Label form
  • Cancel — close the form without saving


In this section you can enter the title of the White Label page and other meta tags. You can also change additional tags that you’re using for social sharing (to find details, look at White Label Settings for Social Networks).


How to add a favicon to White Label

To add a favicon on your White Label page, open the «Meta» section and post this string into the form:

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="PastHereLinkToFavicon">


In this section you can create the home page header. You can also add a logo image in the header of White Label and use an image for the header background.


Front page content

In this section, you can configure the contents of the front page.


Note: You should use the IATA code of the city in the widget popular routes.

Please note: Not all widgets are translated into other languages. You can delete a widget without translation and paste another widget in its place.

Color scheme

Change the color scheme of the White Label page


or create your own design.



Edit the text at the bottom of the page.


Mobile app settings

Activate and set up the White Label for mobile app.


White Label samples