Travelpayouts White Label Web Setup Guide

Once you get access to White Label Web in your Travelpayouts account, you need to complete several steps to set up your White Label website.

We recommend reading the What is White Label Web by Travelpayouts article before setting up the White Label to have a better understanding of what the solution entails. 

Note, that setting up White Label on the hosting is mandatory, but when it comes to appearance and additional settings, you can choose whatever is suitable for you.

1. Setting up White Label on hosting

Before you can start with the appearance customization, it's crucial to set up White Label on your hosting. This process is mandatory and requires having your own domain. 

You can create the White Label either on the primary domain or a subdomain. 

You can do it yourself following these detailed setup instructions or purchase a setup service from our team. You can request this service when applying to the White Label or by sending a message to our support team.

We have also created guidelines for various hostings here.

Important: By default, all White Labels are created with an SSL certificate. The certificate data will be loaded into a new White Label within 48 hours after its creation and customization. This means that you will be able to view the appearance of your White Label only after this period has passed.

2. Сreating a White Label in the Travelpayouts account

Once you've set up White Label on your hosting website, the next step is creating and setting it up in your Travelpayouts account.

At this step you will be able to set up your White Label's:

  • Language
  • Currency
  • Search form content (specify whether to display flight ticket search, hotel search, or both)
  • Style and color scheme

You can find detailed instructions in this article.

3. Changing the appearance of your White Label

You can change the look of a White Label to match your brand identity, feature your brand images and logos, and look like an integral part of your website.

There are multiple ways you can change the appearance of the White Label:

You can also change the font, and the width of the search bar or add a menu to the header or footer, a slider with images to the top, and a banner or advertisement to the search results.

For detailed instructions on each customization option, refer to our comprehensive guide in the Help Center. You can also purchase an appearance setup service separately when applying to the White Label or by sending a message to our support team.

Please note that the purchased service is only valid for one setting. If you have several White Labels, you need to purchase the appearance setup service for each one separately.

4. Additional settings

Take your White Label to the next level by taking advantage of additional settings:

These settings are not mandatory and don’t affect user experience as much. You can find the detailed instructions in our Help Center.