What is White Label Web by Travelpayouts?

What is the White Label Web? 

White Label Web by Travelpayouts is a solution that allows you to effortlessly create your own website with a search engine of flights or hotels from leading travel brands. You can either create a completely new website under your domain and brand or add a subdomain to your existing website. 

Earn a commission every time someone books a travel service through this search engine. Set up your White Label website's design, and colors, add your logo, and choose the language and other parameters—all achievable in just a few clicks, without any coding efforts.

Note: White Label Web is based on a flight search engine from the Aviasales program and a hotel search engine from the Hotellook program. 

Some other programs offer White Label widgets based on their search engines, but they are not similar to White Label Web by Travelpayouts. To find and connect to programs with widgets, please follow the guidelines in the Widgets section.

How to get your own White Label?

We've recently shifted our White Label Web solution to a subscription model for all new partners, providing enhanced benefits. While the existing partners continue with their current terms, newly registered partners can now access our revamped White Label on a 12-month subscription basis.

The subscription unlocks exclusive benefits:

  • Extensive coverage of over 250,000 hotels and 1000+ airlines/OTAs for competitive pricing.
  • Earn 50% of the commission for every airline ticket and hotel booking made through your website.
  • Ability to enter new markets, adopting your website to 63 languages, and choosing from 80+ currencies.
  • Dedicated support and assistance from our team, real-time analytics, and extended user tracking for better analytics.
  • Quick and easy setup with additional support from our team available for a small fee. Learn more about our setup service here.

Apply for White Label access and request a demo to experience the upgraded benefits: https://special.travelpayouts.com/whitelabel/ 

Requirements for installing White Label Web

The services of creating a domain are not included in the subscription, so make sure you have the following before starting with White Label:

  1. Your own second-level domain (e.g. website.com). White Label can also be configured for any level below the second: the third level (travel.website.com), the fourth level (search.travel.website.com), and so on. 
  2. You should be able to create a CNAME record for the domain. To do this, you can use the following:
    • free DNS hosting, for example, Cloudflare, Hurricane Electric, or others;
    • settings at the domain registrar — some of them support the creation of a CNAME record. Check this directly with the registrar;
    • regular hosting for websites. Note that you may not be able to configure the White Label on hosting services, if they do not have the ability to edit the DNS record.

How can users make a booking via White Label?

Users will be able to use the search engine of your White Label on your website. After entering the desired destination and dates, users will be shown a list of available flights or hotels and their fares.

By clicking on one of the deals, the user gets redirected to the website of a travel brand or agency, where they can make a purchase (e.g. Agoda, Trip.com, etc.). The entire booking and purchase process is handled there, so you don't have to worry about refunds or support.

This means that your White Label site does not issue booking confirmations and no purchases are made directly on your website. Instead, your website offers a search engine for flights and hotels deals, while our partners (agencies or airlines) book and sell the tickets and make hotel bookings. To make changes to a booking or request a refund, users should contact the agency or travel brand through which the booking was made.

What does White Label look like? 

Here is an example of a White Label with combined flights and hotel search functionalities: https://whitelabel.travelpayouts.com/

Important things to understand about White Label

  • Your domain or subdomains used for White Label Web can’t contain the names of travel brands available on the Travelpayouts platform (Aviasales, Hotellook, Agoda, Booking.com, etc.) If this rule is violated, the account may be blocked.
  • Booking.com fares aren’t available on White Label due to Booking.com’s policy on API and White Label.
  • When visitors are redirected from a White Label to the website of an agency or a travel brand to make a booking, they automatically get linked to your partner ID for a period from 1 to 180 days, so you get rewards from their bookings. The exception is the websites of low-cost airlines
  • From a technical point of view, a White Label is a CNAME record, plus individual appearance settings that are added to the affiliate’s user dashboard after creating the White Label. The CNAME record is registered for the affiliate domain and is directed to whitelabel.travelpayouts.com.
  • White Label is closed from search engine crawlers (except the main page). If you plan to perform SEO marketing on your site, make an SEO-friendly structure and install the search form. Then put White Label on a subdomain, where plane ticket search results will be presented.
  • We do not recommend using the White Label service for travel blogs and sites with low traffic since White Label can reduce the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate.

Visit our White Label website to find out more details and apply for a demo.

How to pay for a White Label Web

Once you fill in the form on the landing page, you will be suggested to pay for the selected package. The payment can be made using your bank card.

If you find the tool too complicated or simply decide that it’s not the best solution for you, a refund is available within 14 days of purchase. The refund will be credited to your Travelpayouts balance and can be withdrawn within 30 days using whichever withdrawal method you prefer.


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