Why search form is not visible on the website?

If you have a problem with search form displaying on your website or landing, this information can help you.

Apparently your CMS uses Cloudflare which replaces part of script code. You must add the following attribute to the script tag of search form: data-cfasync="true". As your page passes through Cloudflare, we'll enable Rocket Loader for that particular script. All other JavaScript will continue to execute without Cloudflare touching the script.

Please note that: 

1. Adding the 'data-cfasync' attribute within JS will not work to exclude the script from Rocket Loader.
2. The 'data-cfasync' attribute must be added before the 'src' attribute. 
3. Rocket loader will recognize the tag when either single or double quotes are placed around the attribute value. 

More info can be found here https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200168056