How to dynamically change SubID in short affiliate links

With the help of SubID, it's possible to track clicks and bookings for each individual affiliate link placed on various promotional channels, websites, or pages.

To add, modify, or delete SubIDs in your affiliate links, you can use the link creation form in your Travelpayouts account. However, if you want to place the same short affiliate link on different pages or promotional channels, and:

  • You want to track bookings and clicks for each channel separately (for example, to understand which resource brings you the highest conversion rate)
  • You don't want to spend time generating a short link with a different SubID for each channel in your Travelpayouts account

In this case, there is a manual way to add or modify SubIDs in your short affiliate link quickly. Here's how:

  1. Create one short affiliate link in your Travelpayouts personal account, for example,
  2. Copy the link address, add the parameter ?sub_id= at the end, and specify the desired SubID value, for example,
  3. Place the link on your website or another channel;

That's it! This way, you can create one short link leading to a specific brand page and then simply change the sub_id parameter to track conversions from different sources.

You can also use this instruction if you've already created an affiliate link and placed it on your website, blog, or another channel and want to change the SubID.