How can I increase my conversion rate?

So, you've placed affiliate tools on your resources, but your statistics are showing the following:

  • There are few impressions, meaning your tools are only being seen by a small number of visitors.
  • The number of clicks on links and banners is much lower than the number of impressions. That means your tools are being seen but aren't attracting visitors to click on them.
  • The number of confirmed bookings is low, meaning visitors aren't making purchases after clicking on your tools.

If this happens, we have some tips to help you figure out what might be wrong.

How you can improve your conversion rate

  1. Check your resource's traffic. How many unique users visit your pages and channels? Low results could be tied to the fact that your resource doesn't get that many visitors, so try attracting more traffic. For example, you can optimize content with SEO, use paid search ads, or advertise your resource on other blogs.
  2. Use a SubID to analyze the statistics for each tool separately. An additional ID will help you understand which tools are more popular. With that information, you can try to interpret why some tools attract more visitors than others: maybe they're more relevant to your resource or are located in better, more visible places. 
  3. Check which pages or posts on your resources get the most views with the help of analytics services (e.g. Google.Analytics). Try placing tools on those pages to take advantage of the higher traffic.
  4. Experiment with where you place your tools. If a link or banner has a lot of views but few or no clicks, it's probably not in the right place: try placing it on a more topical page or simply try something new.
  5. Don’t overload content with affiliate tools. If there are too many links or widgets on a page, users can get annoyed or confused and not click on them. Leave only relevant tools neatly embedded in the narrative.
  6. Don't place tools to the right or left of your main content. Users probably won't even see them!  There's a phenomenon called "banner blindness" in web usability in which visitors don't notice advertisements placed outside of the main content.

If you're sure you've done everything correctly, but your numbers are still not improving, maybe the program you've chosen simply isn't a good match for your resource's main theme. For example, let's say you wrote an article about vacationing on an island but attached a link to buy train tickets. See the problem there? Evaluate the relevance of the program you've chosen and, if necessary, connect to another one and start using its tools.