What is White Label by Travelpayouts

What is the White Label?

White Label is a tool offered by the Travelpayouts affiliate network.

The White Label is a search powered by Aviasales and Hotellook and integrated into your website’s design. If you have White Label, the user will view search results on your website. Without White Label, users are redirected to Aviasales.com or Hotellook.com when performing a search. You can find more information about White Label travel website.

White Label is set up independently by a partner. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is required.

Some points to note

  • It’s not allowed to use the names of the brands represented in Travelpayouts affiliate network (Aviasales, Hotellook, Agoda, KAYAK, etc.) in the domains or subdomains for White Label. If this rule is violated, the affiliate account may be blocked.
  • Booking.com prices won’t be available on White Label due to Booking.com’s policy while working through the API and White Label.
  • When users access the White Label travel affiliate program, there is no record in cookies for aviasales.com and hotellook.com websites. But when going from White Label to the website of an agency or airline company, an affiliate marker is set on their website for a period of 1 to 180 days. The exception is the websites of some airline companies, such as low-cost airlines. They often do not know how to work with an affiliate marker.
  • We do not recommend using White Label service for travel blogs and sites with low recognition since White Label can reduce the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate.
  • White Label is closed off from search engine crawlers (except the main page). If you are planning to perform SEO marketing on your site, make an SEO-friendly structure and install the search form. Then put White Label on a subdomain, where plane ticket search results will be presented.
  • From a technical point of view, White Label is a CNAME record, plus individual appearance settings that are added in the affiliate’s user dashboard after creating the White Label. The CNAME record is registered for the affiliate domain and is directed to whitelabel.travelpayouts.com.

What it takes to get your own White Label

  1. You must have your own second-level domain (e.g. website.com). At the same time, the White Label can be configured for any level - the third level (travel.website.com), the fourth level (search.travel.website.com) and so on. 
  2. You should be able to create a CNAME record for the domain. To do this, you can use the following:
    • free DNS hosting, for example, Cloudflare, Hurricane Electric or others;
    • settings at the domain registrar — some of them support the creation of a CNAME record. Check this with the registrar itself;
    • regular hosting for websites.
      However, you may not be able to configure the White Label on hosting services that provide various website designers if they do not have the ability to edit the DNS record.
  3. Configure DNS for the White Label. It is recommended that you first register a CNAME record, and then create a White Label in your user dashboard.
  4. Create White Label in your affiliate dashboard.
  5. Now you can select White Label in the tools settings.