What is White Label

What is White Label?

White Label is search powered by Jetradar and Hotellook that is integrated into your site's design. If you have White Label, the user will view search results on your site. Without White Label, users are redirected to Jetradar.com or Hotellook.com when performing a search. You can find more information about white label travel website.

White Label is set up independently by the affiliate. Knowledge of basic HTML and CSS is required.

Three points of note:

  1. We do not recommend using White Label for blogs and sites with low recognition, since White Label can reduce the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate.
  2. White Label is closed off from search engine crawlers (except the main page). If you are planning to perform SEO of your site, make a SEO-friendly structure and install the search form. Then put White Label on a subdomain, where plane ticket search results will be presented.
  3. Booking.com prices won't be available on White Label due to Booking.com's policy while working through the API and White Label.

What I should do to create own White Label?

  1. You must have your own second-level domain (for example, website.com).
  2. You must have your own hosting. Due to the technological features the White Label can't set up to the hosts, that provide of various website constructor (like Wordpress and others).
  3. Set up White Label on you hosting.
  4. Create White Label in the personal account.
  5. Now you can select White Label in the tools setings.


How can I make a hot price map for my own site, like the map at wl.jetradar.com/map?

Set up White Label according to the instructions above. After configuration, a hot price map is available at the address avia.yourdomain.com/map.

Why are there different prices through Jetradar.com compared to White Label?

Jetradar queries dozens of agencies and airlines to get ticket prices. Not all agencies/airlines support affiliate markers, and we remove these agencies/airlines from our affiliates’ search results. (Please note that the number of agencies/airlines is rather small). This means that, in some cases, prices found through an affiliate White Label may be slightly higher than on the Jetradar site.


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