How fast is the revenue credited for a flight or hotel booking?

Most bookings first appear in your report in Pending status. The revenue is credited as soon as the agency has transferred to us information that the booking is paid by the user (This is relevant for Jetradar/Aviasales program). In most cases, it occurs within several hours after ticket issuance. For hotel reservations, the revenue is credited two months after the client checks out of the hotel.

We receive booking information from the agency every 15 minutes. This information is saved in the statistics data base. The report in your personal account is updated every five minutes.

Sometimes receiving booking statistics can be delayed. Some agencies provide information once a day, while some send statistics once a month.

Note: Low-cost airlines, as a rule, do not pay a fee to agents for the selling of tickets. This means we cannot pay profit to affiliates. You can find more information about low-cost airlines here.

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