Booking is in "Pending"/"Cancelled" status

Booking is in "Pending" or "Cancelled" status, what does it mean? 

Most bookings first show up in your statistics in "Pending" status, and then change it to "Paid" — this is when the revenue is accrued to your account balance. To find out how long your booking will be in "Pending" status, check out the information in "Payment Confirmation Process" in the program’s description, for example: 



If the period specified in the description has passed, and other conditions have been met, but the booking is still "Pending", contact us, and we'll sort it out. 

The "Cancelled" status can be set if the booking/service had not been used. If you believe the status is incorrect, send us the confirmation documents for that booking, we will contact the brand to double-check the status.