Requirements for Flight Search API access

Flight Search API

With the Search API you can create your own metasearche engines for plane tickets. Documentation of Search API is available here. Access to the Search API is provided on an affiliate-by-affiliate basis.

Requirements for Search API

  1. Each search query must be initiated by the user and the results must be shown to the user in full. The results for each query must contain a “buy“ button next to each flight option.
  2. The reference to the agency's website must be received only when the user click "Buy" button. Automatic collection of all links from the answer is prohibited. Violation of this rule will disable the API search for the partner.
  3. The conversion rate for searches via the Buy link must be 9% or more. The conversion rate from the Buy button to actual purchases must be at least 5%.
  4. We'll also need to see url of your project, design prototypes, description of your project and how our API will be used. 
  5. Provide the information why the standard methods of integration (search forms, White Label, Data Access API) don't meet your requirements?

To obtain access to the Search API, send a request to with a description of your project (see #4).

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