Links from Economybookings

In this article, you will learn how to get a link to the homepage of Economybookings website with a filled-out search form. To do this, use one of the options below.

Please note! Be sure to use the deep link creation form to make clickthroughs and bookings fall into the statistics of the affiliate program.

Link with the filled pick-up city

The template for such a link looks like this:


  • language — is the language of the page. You can find the list of all languages available at Economybookings directly on their website

  • idpick — is the name of the city of the car rental in English, for example:

Note that when you open this link, the auto-complete will be activated in the search form and the user will need to select a specific location if several options are found in the selected city:

Link with the filled pick-up airport

The template for such a link looks like this:

Where idpickval is the IATA code for the airport where the car is rented. In this case, the user will receive a form with the selected airport. For example: 

You can find the list of IATA codes here.

How to turn the link into an affiliate link

To turn the created link into an affiliate link, you need to use the deep link creation form in your Travelpayouts account. This way your unique ID will be added to the link and all bookings made through it will be included in your statistics. 

1. Open your Travelpayouts account and launch Economybookings program page.

Note! To get access to the links you need to connect to the program.

2. Open the Tools tab and click on the Links section:

3. Paste the previously created Economybookings link in the Target URL field of the Create a link section;

4. If needed, you can change the Project and add SubID;

5. Copy the final link from the Link field.

All set! Now you can insert the link to your site or another resource. Using the link creation form is very important because at this step your unique partner ID is added to the link. Thanks to this, all clicks and purchases from your link are taken into account in statistics and will bring you rewards.

To create an affiliate link, you can also use the Create link quick menu on the top bar:

Learn more about how to track links statistics in the Statistics and Reports article.