How to join an affiliate program

To join a program, go to the Programs section, select the desired program from the list, and open the page with the description. You can do that by clicking the Details button, or simply by clicking the brand’s name. 

There are two ways of joining the programs on the Travelpayouts platform:

  • Immediately after an application is submitted;
  • After the brand’s approval.

The main difference is how quickly you can connect to the program and get access to its affiliate tools. In the first case, it happens instantly. In the second case, you have to wait till the brand approves your request. 

Programs requiring brand’s approval

If the program you wish to join requires brand’s approval, you will see this disclaimer below the Join the program button:

To join the program:

  • Read the program’s terms carefully
  • Flag the "I accept the terms of the partnership agreement" checkbox
  • Click Join the program

If you have not yet created a project in Travelpayouts, you’ll be asked to do it before joining the program. Please note that you cannot join the program without a project

If you already have at least one project, you can select it in the popup window by clicking the Connect button.

Note: you can only connect projects which content type and format are allowed by the brand. If the type of your project doesn’t march you will see Project not supported tag and you won’t be able to connect this project.


Carefully review the information in the popup window to make sure that the selected project meets the requirements of the program! Once the request is submitted, you can’t cancel or edit it.

  • Click the Read and submit button;

The approval time for the request to join an affiliate program depends on the brand. On average it takes from three days to two weeks. After joining the program, you can start using the brand’s affiliate tools to monetize your projects.

Instant connection

If the program doesn't require the brand’s approval, you will see only Join the program button in the program details.

To connect your project(s), all you need to do is:

  • Read the program terms
  • Flag the "I accept the terms of the partnership agreement" checkbox
  • Click the Join the program button
  • Select the desired project from the list
  • Click Connect

Once the project is connected, you will get access to the brand’s affiliate tools

How to disconnect from the program

To disconnect from the program open it’s description and click Manage connections.

In the pop-up window click Disconnect next to the project you want to disconnect from the program.

Don’t forget to remove all tools from your project. Once you disconnect, the tools will stop working and any actions will not be included in the statistics. Rewards will not be calculated after disconnecting.