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After connecting to program you can start placing affiliate links to the brand website on your resources. doesn’t support a deep link creation form or Chrome extension, you will only find ready-made links on the program’s tools page.

But there is still a way to manually create deep links to search and set up the exact parameters you want the visitor to see after following the link. 

This article provides instructions on creating these links for different booking types.

How to create a One-way/Round-trip deep link

To create a deep link for one-way or round-trip follow the steps below.

  1. Create a search link to Use the following structure:, where

    • from — IATA code of the departure place
    • to — IATA code of the destination place
    • departure — departure date
    • return — return date.

If you specify to=anywhere, all flights from the departure point will be found. If the departure parameter is not set, the default search is a range of one month starting the next day to the return date. If the return parameter is not set, one-way tickets will be found.

Important! Only references containing deep links are taken into the dashboard in statistics. If you create a link to any page of without this parameter and follow the instructions below, the link will not be counted and the revenue will not be accrued.

  1. Use any service that makes URL encode to get a link looking like this:


  1. Copy the link created in Step 2 in the following deep link template after the custom_url=:

  1. Insert your partner ID in the shmarker parameter and a SubID after a dot (SubID can be skipped). Example link where 78606 is an ID and kiwicom is a SubID:

  1. Place the final link on your website or other platforms. After following the link viewers will launch the search form with predefined parameters. That will save time for them to select parameters manually. All bookings made with the created link will be included in your statistics.

How to create a Multi-city deep link

Multi-city and nomad are ways combines multiple flights together, so travelers can spend more time at particular destinations or create a complex search for tickets including needed locations. 

To create a multi-city deep link follow the steps below.

  1. Launch search.
  2. Select multi-city in the bottom left corner of the form and choose needed destinations and times.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Copy the URL of the search results starting with the first departure location as highlighted below:

  1. Insert the copied part of the link after the equals sign in the template below:

As a result, you should get a link looking like this:

  1. Repeat one-way/return instructions starting from step number 2.

How to create a Nomad deep link

To create a nomad deep link, follow the same instructions as for multi-city links but use the following URL in Step 5:

You can find more information on what is Nomad tool by and what benefits it can bring in the following article: Nomad by

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