affiliate links

For most affiliate programs in Travelpayouts, links are created by one scenario. It is described in the article How to create a link to any page of the advertiser’s site. affiliate program features link creation, which will be explained in this article.


First, create a search link to Use the following structure:

where from — IATA code of the departure place, to — IATA code of the destination place, departure — departure date, return — return date.

If you specify to=anywhere, all flights from the departure point will be found. If the departure parameter is not set, the default search is a range of one month starting the next day to the return date. If the return parameter is not set, one-way tickets will be found.

Important! Only references containing deep links are taken into the dashboard in statistics. If you create a link to any page of without this parameter and follow the instructions below, the link will not be counted and the revenue will not be accrued.

Use any service that makes url encode to get a link of the following form:

https%3A%2 °

Put the link received after the equal sign of the custom_url parameter in a link of the following form:

Note the shmarker parameter, where you need to specify your affiliate marker and a Sub ID after a dot (Sub ID may be skipped).

Example link for 78606 marker and kiwicom is Sub ID:

The kiwi.com_best prices file contains links to the best prices recently found on