Minimum amount for the payout of earnings

The minimum amount for the earnings payout from the Travelpayouts partnership platform depends on the payout method specified in the Payout methods tab. You can find this information in the table with the methods:

When you select a payment method in the Payout methods tab of the Finance section, you will see the minimum amount that must be accumulated on the balance in order to begin the payout process.

Important! To get the payout in the current month, you need to reach the minimum amount on your account balance, but that amount should come from the bookings you've made before the end of the previous month.

Example: Today is February 11th. You have $550 on your balance and the minimum payout is $500. However, the payout has not been generated. This can happen because $100 of the $550 on your balance is income for February, not January. That means the $450 income from the previous month did not reach the minimum payout amount and the payout did not form.

You can use the setting to limit payouts. You can specify the amount you want to accumulate and then receive the payout as soon as you reach the specified amount on your balance.

If previously paid bookings are canceled, your balance will be reduced, sometimes to the point that the balance becomes negative, less than the minimum. In such a case, the payout will not be made.